OLO 4 Piece Alcohol Marker Set with 8 Lavender Colors

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OLO-4-4 Lavender
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OLO 4 Piece Alcohol Marker Set with 8 Lavender Colors

Catalog # OLO-4-4 Lavender

Welcome to the wonderful world of the new and innovative OLO Markers... now the best marker on the planet (in our opinion of course!)  We are so excited to be able to offer these new OLO markers to our customers and we know you will love them as much as we do!

About the markers:

Each unique marker comes with a connector ring and two round interchangeable half cartridges that screw nicely together to make one maker. See pictures.

This pack of four markers includes the following Lavender Collection of eight colors:

  • R1.5 Lingonberry
  • V1.1 Heather
  • BV2.2 Periwinkle
  • V2.3 Beautyberry
  • V2.4 Violet
  • Y2.2 Daffodil
  • V2.6 Royal Purple
  • G1.4 Spearmint

Each OLO half marker has 2ml of ink.  Combined with another half, and that's 4ml of ink in each marker!  OLO's patented free-flow ink technology uses more of the ink in the cartridge compared to standard markers, so these markers last longer than your standard marker.  And another really great thing about them is, if you use up one color faster than another, you simply replace the half marker instead of the full marker!  How cool is that?  They are economical as well as sleek and beautiful!

OLO's patented free-flow ink cartridge system maintains consistent, controlled ink flow.  Each marker comes with a smooth brush nib that lays down a silky ink that's blob-free!  The nibs are replaceable and sold separately.

Once combined, the two marker halves measure about 6-1/2" long and they are about 1/2" round in diameter.

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