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Poem - Imperfectly Perfect

Poem - Imperfectly Perfect (digital download) and suggestions for crafting with challenging abilities

If you've heard or seen me on Lives or Events, you know I love poetry and I love to write.  Many have asked for copies of my poems.  While I still hold the dream close to my heart of publishing a book of my own poetry some day, I thought I'd start by sharing and offering my poems here.

Short Preview of Poem:

Imperfectly perfect God made me

to be who He wants me to be

To create what comes from inside me

even though others will see.....

Many times I've mentioned that, on occasion, I struggle with shaky hands and gnarly fingers. If you share those challenges, perhaps you will also enjoy reading the included .pdf that has some ideas for crafting with challenging abilities.  I share work-arounds and tips that have worked for me for embracing those inevitable oopsies that pop up at the most unexpected and inconvenient time and places.  

I hope this poem touches your heart, encourages, gives reason to ponder, brings a smile or in some way illuminates your day. And I hope these tips I share here help in some small or large way!


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~ Sharon Ware

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