The Crafters Workshop Stencil Butter 4-Pack Set - Caribbean Sea - TCW9074

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The Crafters Workshop Stencil Butter Set - Caribbean Sea

Catalog # TCW9074

This is a 4-pack of 2 oz jars in Caribbean Sea colors of Chartreuse, Lime Green, Ocean Blue and Turquoise.

Perfect for card making, doodling, tracing, stenciling, sponging, stippling, spritzing, chalking and more!  Stencil butters add a unique feel to your projects.

Delicious spreadable Stencil Butter has a shimmer and shine, that spreads easily with a palette knife. It has the body of a soft modeling paste that holds its peaks and valleys for texture and interest and cleans easily with water (be sure to rinse your tools immediately after use). Perfect for spreading through TCW stencils, finger-painting, brush-painting and much more. Great for use on Watercolor Paper, Mixed Media Boards, Canvas, Wood and more. Should be used on porous surfaces that aren't exposed to moisture.

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