Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Pens 30 Assorted Markers Set 0.7 mm Extra Fine Tip

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Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Pens 30 Assorted Markers Set 0.7 mm Extra Fine Tip, Catalog # AS30X
  • Amazing Value – Included are 30 medium tip paint pen markers consisting of 28 unique and beautiful assorted colors and 2 extra commonly used markers (black and white). Colors range from vivid primary and secondary colors to several lighter pastel colors to give you variety in your artwork. These colors will surely inspire you to make your best art or any DIY project!
  • Superb Quality – The highly pigmented ink is from Japan and gives you nice opaque coverage on almost any surface. The fade-resistant ink dries quickly and works great on dark and light surfaces. The pens are light and comfortable to hold and use. Works on most surfaces: stone, glass, wood, metal, fabric, porcelain, canvas, plastic, paper, cardboard, pottery, etc.
  • 0.7 mm Extra Fine Nylon Tip – Makes fine detailed strokes ideal for drawing, outlining, or making fine dots. The valve-action tip is engineered to keep it’s shape and not fray over time so you can continue to get good details in your artwork. Having this fine point on a pen let’s you avoid the mess that typically comes with cleaning brushes and pouring paint. This tip is also great for marking or writing your customized message on gifts to family and friends such as a mug or a birthday card.
  • Safe and non-toxic - Acid-free, water-based, low-odor, and safe for all. Conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN-71 safety standards. Ideal for artists, students, professionals, teenagers, adults. Please keep from direct contact with food.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee - We have a 100% Happy Customer Guarantee

What's included:

  • 30 premium quality paint marker pens with a sturdy medium brush tip. Includes 2 sets of black and white pens for the touch-up, detailing, and outlining work. 
Common Uses:
  • Tooli-Art pens are ideal for arts & crafts, rocks, photos, mugs, canvases, pottery, or almost any object you’d like to decorate your personal art with. One popular use is to join the 'Kindness Rock Project' movement to spread joy and happiness with the wonderful 28 colors available to you. Beside the vivid colors, you’ll also appreciate the beautiful pastel colors that add variety to your artwork.
  How to use it:
      For best results, it is important that the following instructions are followed:
    • 1. Shake : With cap on, shake well to mix paint and to ensure opaque coverage.
    • 2. Burp : With pen upright (tip facing up), press tip once to release air from pen.
    • 3. Prime : Press tip down several times on a soft surface until paint starts to flow.
    • 4. Test : Try on paper before use.
    • 5. Cap : Recap after use and store pens on it's side.
Colors included:
  • Primary colors (red, yellow, blue) - Secondary colors (green, orange, purple) - Pastel colors (Baby Blue, Pale Pink, Pastel Violet, Light Turquoise, etc.) - Metallics (Gold, Silver) - Black & White
  • Tooli-Art paint markers are water-based, acid-free, and conforms strictly to ASTM-4236 standards.
To make the ink permanent on glass or ceramic:
  • Simply place subject matter in oven at 350F for 1 hour.