Wholesale Terms

If you own a brick and mortar store, please email us a copy of your business license, resale permit, photos of your storefront, website links(if applicable) and all social media links to joy@prickleypearstamps.com

Online Stores, please email a copy of your business license, resale permit, website links and all social media links to joy@prickleypearstamps.com


Our minimum opening order is $100.00. We do not have a reorder minimum.

We do require a minimum quantity of three or more of each product when placing your order.

At this time we are only allowing a maximum order quantity of 10 for all current stamp sets. However, order quantity on pre-orders of new releases is unlimited until those items are released and then become current. After that, the maximum order quantity of 10 goes into effect.

If you order preorder or backorder items the entire order will be held until that item is in stock. If you have specific questions about an order, please feel free to contact us at joy@prickleypearstamps.com   If you need in stock items as soon as possible we encourage you to order those items separately from preorder and/or backorder items.

All wholesale accounts need to purchase once (1 time) per quarter in order to maintain wholesale status. Quarters are Jan/Feb/Mar, April/May/June, July/Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov/Dec.


We do not permit the selling of our products on eBay, Etsy, Facebook, via social media in groups or part of group buys, or any third-party websites. We do not permit selling to any third-party sellers; all sales must be to the end-user. We do not allow pre-orders or backorders of Prickley Pear Stamps  products on any websites.  Selling of any product purchased from Prickley Pear Stamps at venues that Prickley Pear Stamps or its subsidiaries are attending is prohibited.  Selling any product at a lower price than what Prickley Pear Stamps has listed on the website is prohibited without previous permission.   


We enforce Minimum Advertised Price Policy/Agreement.


Should you receive a defective product, we will mail a replacement to you provided you live in the United States, once we establish the defects. For stores outside of the United States, we will refund your purchase price once we establish the defects. ‚Äč


EFFECTIVE 11-08-2019: Shipping will be billed separately after your whole order is ready to ship.

All orders are processed in 2-3 business days (Tuesday -Thursday) unless otherwise noted.
Cost of shipping based on actual weight and package size.
Please note that our website uses USPS rates, You will be invoiced accordingly and a $3.00 handling fee. When applicable we will use UPS Ground to save on shipping for you.
Orders will ship once payment of shipping invoice has been paid and a tracking number sent to you.

All Duties and Import taxes and fees will be born by the receiver.


This policy is made to protect the integrity of Prickely Pear Stamps product line and our network of retailers. Prickley Pear Stamps MAP, applies to but is not limited to, advertising in catalogs, direct mail, websites, in-store displays and any other forms of advertising media, including the internet and any other electronic medium available.

Your minimum advertised price must be equal to or greater than The Prickley Pear Stamps Manufactured Suggested Retail Price on every product. Any discounting that results in a net advertised price of any Prickley Pear Stamps product through rebates, coupons, percentage discounts or any other manner will be considered non-compliant to the MAP policy.

If Prickley Pear Stamps receives information that a party is advertising Prickley Pear Stamps product/s below MAP, Prickley Pear Stamps will contact the party in noncompliance. Once Prickley Pear Stamps  has contacted the party, the pricing must be changed within two days. If the advertised pricing is not corrected in two days, Prickley Pear Stamps will cease to supply the party.

New Wholesale Customers:

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly to start your account.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to partnering with you!

Current Wholesale Customers:

If you already have a wholesale account with us, please contact Joy to update your information with her.  

If you are a current wholesale customer and have misplaced your account password, you can submit your email for a password reset here. Thanks!