WOW! Clear Embossing Ink Pad WV02, Refill WV02RCF and Embossing Pen WV04

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WOW! Clear Embossing Ink Pad Ultra Slow Drying catalog # WV02, the handy Refill Conditioner and Freestyle Tool catalog # WV02RCF and the Embossing pen # WV04 - Bundle 3 Items. This embossing pad has been created with an ink formulated to stay tacky and not wet for longer and this in turn holds more powder. More powder equals fantastic smooth embossing! The Refill Tool is primarily a refill for the WOW! Embossing Pad. Apply using large circular motions on the pad to get the steel ball rolling, then go up and down until you're covered! It can also be used as a freestyle tool. With the Embossing Pen, you can emboss your handwriting, your drawings or color in stamps. The opportunities are endless!